September 26, 2014

laundry room update

I while back I posted some of my laundry 'pinspiration' for making our laundry room more functional.  After a few weekends of work, our laundry room went from this:

to this:

We were able to remove the pedestals from our washer and dryer pretty easily and I was thankful for the opportunity to go through the contents.  They would get so cluttered because it's so easy to just toss in items unlike cabinets which encourage more organization.

We purchased the cabinets from IKEA and Joe and M put them together while I painted.  We used left over paint from Madeleine's nursery, Tanglewood from Olypmic, and I love how it makes the molding and doors, and now the white cabinets, pop.  The cabinets were pretty easy to install because you attach a railing to the wall and then the cabinets hang off of that.  It literally was an exact fit and we had to do some major coaxing to get the last cabinet up but it's up and I LOVE IT!

Joe custom made the shelf in between the washer and dryer to take up the extra space and make it look more cohesive.  It's the perfect size to store laundry detergent and I can't wait to buy the giant detergent with the spout that would NEVER fit into the pedestals:)

I had a lot of fun adding some hanging rods on this space of wall and plan to add a little more decor to the room.  

Here is a TO DO list of what remains for this laundry room:
Touch up the trim and door paint
Make a countertop and stain the shelf to match
Purchase a frame or washboard to cover up the ugly connection box
Stage and Decorate??

We are taking a break from laundry and I'm trying to convince Joe to tackle the garage this weekend with the cooler weather.  You can see why he isn't jumping all over this idea:)  Have a great weekend!

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