August 7, 2014

san fran i love my man

Joe and I celebrated 4 years over the July 10th weekend and made a trip to San Francisco for the occasion.  The traditional gift for four years is fruit and flowers so we planned a day trip to Napa Valley to do some wine tasting.  Fermented grapes are still fruit, right?

We were gone for about 4 days and M stayed with our parents.  It was SO hard to say bye, I was actually embarrassed at how hard I cried, it was the air gasping kind, but once we got to the airport and got a margarita I was better:)  Every time we saw a baby on our trip Joe and I would just look at each other and frown, but she had a blast on her little staycation too.

San Francisco was a beautiful city.  The weather was 70 degrees and sunny.  I loved how the hills made great views of the bay everywhere you went!  They were a pain to climb but getting to the top was worth the sights.  We did a few activities like the Go Car tour, we saw the painted ladies (two were being repainted), Lombard St., drove across the Golden Gate bridge, walked along the water and visited the Ferry building, rode a trolley car, strolled through the Mission district, and caught a Giants game.  One day we took the ferry to Tiburon and ate lunch on the patio. We also got to have dinner and catch up with our friend Tyler.  

Our day trip to Napa was great too.  The drive was pretty and when we got their we had breakfast at a little farmer's market.  We took a wine tasting class and toured a vineyard and then had a great dinner at Farmstead.  There are literally vineyards everywhere and they go on for miles.  They were so beautiful with the dark green rows of vines against the golden grass.  On our way back we stopped at Hawk point for a great view of the city.  The fog was starting to roll in which just looked amazing.

The field is RIGHT on the water!  There were boats waiting to catch home run balls!

We tasted the grapes even though they are nowhere near ripe.  They tasted like bell peppers:(

It was a fun way to celebrate our anniversary and a great time just the two of us. Happy #sanfranniversary

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