August 1, 2014

eleven months

Happy 11 months Madeleine!  We are having so much fun with you and your little personality.  You are talking SO much these days and you are very serious.  Chase called you bossy and we got a kick out of that because sometimes you do seem to be barking out orders.  This months you can say bird, blue, Jesus, 2, 3, see it (which sounds like s***), baby, bubbles, hi,  and please. When you aren't speaking English you are speaking your own language and we just eat it up and talk right along with you.  You are also getting good at mimicking animal sounds and when we laugh you laugh.  The cutest thing too is watching you dance.  You have some good moves and move your upper body side to side so fast.  It cracks us up when we hear music in a restaurant or store and you start bobbing your head, haha.

You have grown teeth this month!  We're talking two bottom molars, one top molar, and a tooth on either side of your two fronts:)  Your smile is so sweet when you show them off.  It is ver hard to get a good look at them though.  You fight us when we try to open your mouth, but we manage to peek when we hold you upside down.

This month you spent a weekend by yourself while dad and I went out of town.  You stayed with Grams and Pops for two days and Grandma and Papa for two days.  You had so much fun and did so well in your new environments.  We missed you like crazy!

The climbing continues and sometimes it get's dangerous.  Once you stood up in your highchair at a restaurant, you climbed all over you walker instead of sitting in it, and you always have to perch on something.  You are a speed crawler but these days you would rather walk holding our hands.  You go so fast!  We have been experimenting with standing and you are doing really good!  This month you have enjoyed your baby stroller and push your baby around the house, but you get so frustrated when you run into a wall and can't go anymore.

Speaking of frustrated, you are started to throw little tantrums.  They are little and usually we distract you with something else in a few seconds, but you let out a little scream, and you shake your arms so hard and turn red.  This usually happens when we take away a toy, like our keys.  We have to start the car somehow!

Some fun things we did this month were the Children's museum with friends, 4th of July, the SA Mission Trail, and the beach with the Thompson family.  You absolutely loved the beach and you would crawl along the water chasing the birds. You are so good and flexible when we try new places and do new things and I REALLY appreciate it.  It is so fun to take you along!

We met your new baby cousin Caroline this month and you were so sweet and gave her kisses.  You also played and kissed your new friend Avery:)  You are very stingy when it comes to kissing me, daddy, or even Grams and Grandma, but you ALWAYS kiss and hug your babies and animals.  We are all very jealous!

You recently pulled out a TON of my eyelashes.  I thought you were being so cute and pointing to my eyes and I was telling you, "eyes, eyes," and the BAM!  You pulled out a chunk of lashes and oh my goodness it HURT!  Another owie was when you were crawling on our deck and got three little splinters in your foot.  You and dad were so brave while we got them out.

We are already planning your birthday party and can't wait to celebrate such a wonderful year with you sweet girl!  Happy 11 months!

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  1. So happy for y'all and all the joy you're getting to experience! This was a wonderful read!! Love y'all!