August 14, 2014

beach babe

This summer we took our annual beach trips with each of our families.  It is so fun to take a few days and spend them relaxing by the water.  This year we were pretty busy chasing the turkey around but didn't care, we were thrilled that she loved the beach.  She ate the sand and ran it through her fingers over and over, she loved crawling after the seagulls, and loved hopping waves.  She was a such a trooper and napped on the beach which allowed us to stay out there all day.  Her little baby tan lines are adorable!  It was so fun sharing her first beach experience with her and seeing her see the ocean for the first time.  She was distracted by some puppies at first but then just looked up and the expression on her face was like, "wow!"  Thanks Mom and Dad and Mike and Judy for making these family vacations possible!

1 comment:

  1. Asleep on your chest... the sweetest. And when did Cash turn into an adult?