September 8, 2014

one year!

Madeleine you are one whole year now!  I can't believe how fast the time has flown by or how much you have changed and grown.  It is truly amazing!

You are such a big helper this month and love to do anything we do!

You are talking SO much this month.  You say keys, hi (with a wave), shoes, hot, car, cheese, teeth, cat, and a lot of other words I am sure I am missing.  Sometimes you say really important things in your own language and then we piece them together to what it sounded like in English. You are getting so good at mimicking animal sounds and this is a game we play to keep you from crying in your car seat.   I remember playing this same game when I was a little girl in the car with my parents:)

This month you continue to eat anything and everything but our favorite meal had to be spaghetti.  Our favorite meal, not our favorite cleanup.  We literally have to sweep and mop every time you eat!  Manners will come later:)  You also love mac and cheese, beans, PB&J's, and cookies and crackers which you can say. You also like to drink from a straw these days.

The other day I put on my fleece and you got all excited and said 'tickle, tickle, tickle.' So I picked you up and you LOVED how soft my fleece was.  You burrowed into it over and over.  You do this now whenever we have a soft blanket or jacket around so I can't wait to cuddle with you all winter!!

Something that has tickled me and your dad lately is how you sleep with your legs crossed and butt in the air at night.  Every time we check on you before bed, you are always the same.  So sweet!!

You still love to be outside and this month you like driving the car!  Whenever we get you out of the car seat you say "CAR" really loud and reach for the front seat.  I leave you there when I put the stroller up or unload groceries.  You love turning on the wipers and blinkers and waving to us from inside.

You had your 1 year check up and got four shots:(  You weigh 23lb 4oz and are 28 1/4 inches long.  You started walking 3 days after your 1st birthday and this is the cutest thing to watch because you are SO proud of yourself.  What a big girl you have become, but your are still our little baby!  Happy birthday Madeleine, we love you!!!