December 4, 2013

three months

Madeleine is all smiles this month!  She coos so much and our conversations are the best part of my day.  She loves whistling, rolling tongues, ooo's, gaga's, and blahumphs.  She is such a nosy baby and loves just looking around at everyone and everything with her big blue eyes. 

This month she got her first round of vaccinations but took them like a champ and even smiled at us after she was done crying.

Madeleine found her hands this month and it's so funny when they catch her attention because she stares at them so hard.  She has also found my ponytail, but just with her eyes.  When I'm bathing her or changing her diaper, my ponytail falls over my shoulder and she just watches it sway back and forth.  She also loves how it tickles her when I kiss her belly.

Some big events took place this month like Madeleine's baptism, her first Baylor game, her first time in the Kids Club at the gym, and her first day with grandma and grams when I went back to work.

smiling at the flowers

she was obsessed with this shiny coors can

We absolutely love watching her grow, although it's bittersweet how fast it happens!

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