December 14, 2013

0-3 months products we loved

There are millions of baby products out there and recommendations can vary because each family and baby is different.   You will discover what works best for you and your family but here are OUR top picks of products we loved for M's first three months...

rock and play sleeper- We bought this because our frousins (friends and cousins) Molly and Andrew told us to.  We had a crib, bassinet, and pack and play on our registry already so I felt silly adding this guy but I'm so glad I did!  Madeleine slept in this next to our bed for the first 6 weeks and will sleep in here still when we travel.  The shape tilts baby up which helps for reflux and the way baby hangs like a hammock essentially cradles her as if she were being held.  It fold up n a second and is light weight.

sleep sheep-this was a gift from a family friend and we got it just before our first trip with M to Houston.  It has the option of multiple sounds ( i like rain and Joe likes waves, not too sure which is Madeleine's favorite) time setting, and volume control.  I love that the sounds soothe but they also dull the sounds that Joe and I make that would usually wake up Madeleine.  I feel like she sleeps longer and more peacefully with it on.

swaddlers- Madeleine was very active as a newborn and would startle herself awake with her hands and pull out her pacifier.  Swaddle sleepers help her feel tight and snug and keep her arms inside.  We only use them at night and I think M has caught on and knows that when she's in them it's time for bed.

gas drops & gripe water- Madeleine has a sensitive stomach and was colicy in her first weeks home.  Gas drops and Gripe Water help ease her tummy and are awesome with getting her to take her pacifier.

gerber diapers as burp cloths-they are the most absorbent burp rags we have!

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