November 27, 2013

unpinned, mini caramel apples

For Halloween we had family and friends over to help pass out candy.  I wanted to make something festive so I brought to life one of my pins.  Mini caramel apples!!

I pinned this idea because there's something youthful about caramel apples and I loved the idea of 'mini' ones since an entire apple per person seemed overwhelming.

I purchased a melon baller, green apples, and caramel candy (the lazy way of making caramel, melted candies!).

They tasted yummy and the bite size was convenient to grab and munch.  The only hiccup was that the caramel hardened on the outside and stayed gooey on the inside, making everyone look like a dog eating peanut butter. 

I would make them again in the future and make caramel instead of melting candies.  Happy pinning!

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