November 26, 2013

dresser re-design

Our neighbor was in the process of moving and wanted to get rid of some furniture she didn't use/need anymore.  She asked us if we needed anything so we went and took a look around and spotted this dresser.  It's cheap furniture but we've been wanting some storage in our guest bedroom and who can pass up free furniture?

Our guest bedroom has a gray and white comforter and I love this dresser from Crate&Barrel so I decided to take my inspiration from there.

The edges and finishes were rounded and since I wanted it to look contemporary I just pried them off with a flat head screw driver.  The brad nails were exposed so I used wire cutters to trim them down and then hammered them into the wood so they wouldn't stick out.  Sanding and putty didn't cover them completely but I sort of think it adds some interest around the border of each drawer.

 We used gray paint left over from our kitchen cabinet redo and white paint from our bookshelf redo. Woohoo!!  Save save save!

It took 3 coats of paint and lots of drying time since it's a wood veneer combo but here's what it looks like now!

The hardware is from Home Depot and I have always wanted to use some like these.  I love how it looks and I think it's unexpected in a bedroom.

So come stay with us now that you have a place to put your things:)

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