November 18, 2013

minty fresh

The chair at our desk in the study was my college desk chair from Walmart that I bought in 2006.  It's slim pickings in college station but I love how something functional back then is still stylish now.  Way to go Walmart:)  All it needed was a new color.

I chose a mint spray paint from Hobby Lobby that I had been eyeing for months, just waiting for something to paint. It's called Catalina Mist and it's beautiful. 

I de-glossed the chair and gave it a good sanding, then sprayed away.  We let it dry for several days before testing it out in the study.  

I love how it turned out and I'm pretty sure Joe is glad the hot pink is no more!  Isn't it crazy how a new coat of paint can spice things up?  Is there anything in your house that can use a new color?  If so, go for it and send me you before and after pics at

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