November 14, 2013

stadium team

This is Baylor's last season playing in Floyd Casey Stadium before they open their new stadium next fall.  As they celebrate this last year, an All Floyd Casey Stadium Team was chosen and Joe was selected as a linebacker!!!!  Way to go Joe!

To honor Joe and the all stadium team, we were invited to attend the Baylor vs OU game last Thursday.  We invited Joe's siblings to join us and the 7 of us had a blast tailgating before the game and reminiscing about all the weekends we had spent together in Waco '06-'09.  

The game was a 'blackout' so we all wore black, which didn't mix well with spit up, but looked amazing in the stands!!

Madeleine was warm and cozy in her baby carrier and would have slept the entire game if I had let her, but she loved people watching in the 4th quarter:) 

Before the game Joe, M, and I went to George's Bar to have a Big O before the big game.  We both felt incredibly awkward bringing a baby into the bar but it was day time and we felt like on a game day it was fine...right?!  We walked in and right off the bat I hear an OU fan yell watch out.  Before I knew it, Madeleine had spit up all over my boot and all over the floor.  I was mortified.  It wasn't your ordinary spit up was massive!  I was so embarrassed and wanted to turn and walk out, I guess we were crazy to bring her to a bar anyway, completely inappropriate, but then the OU fan and his Baylor friends called over the waitress who mopped the floor and the OU guy personally used his napkin to wipe off my boot.  What a nice guy!!  We laughed it off with them and they shared stories about being in our shoes when their kids were younger. It was so nice and we had a great time and the Big O was amazing!!!  

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  1. Give me that sweet bundle!! So cute. And I don't blame Madeleine, I would have done the same to an OU fan. JK JK, what a nice guy.