June 20, 2013

bedrooms and bellies

So here is a nursery update!!!

Joe painted the nursery a few weeks ago, sadly without me.  No fumes for this little lady:)  We chose the color from Home Depot, it's Behr's Tanglewood.  It was SO hard picking a paint since the colors in the room are so bold and we didn't want to go white.  Joe and I made a little game out of it at the store....we walked down the aisle away from the paint (which helps so much just getting away from all the choices) and then one of us would close our eyes while the other switched swatches and held them up by the bedding.  It was so fun and took the stress out of it.  We both agreed on our color but bought a sample just to be sure.  Joe did a great job painting and we were able to use the white paint we bought for our bookshelves to touch up the doors and molding in the nursery.

We ordered the bedding from Land of Nod and, since they are affiliated, we were able to use Crate and Barrel gift cards from our wedding (Thanks Coach Briles and Kenny)!  The bedding is called Beaucoup de Fraises which is french for "many strawberries" and there are little strawberry plants on the crib sheet.  I love this bedding because of the mismatching patterns and the colors.  We wanted to be neutral with colors so that if we have a baby boy in the future, we could make changes without breaking our budget.  These primary colors of navy, red, yellow, white, and light blue will work well with all kinds of kid stuff!

The dresser that Joe's parents gave us from when he was little  will now be Madeleine's.  We love the red color and are so happy we can keep it that way.  We took a drawer with us to Lowe's and had them color match it.  We used Joe's belt sander for the first time and LOVED it!!!  We were able to smooth out lots of nicks and then painted 3 coats to make it more cohesive all over.

We removed the old brass knobs when we painted and found these precious knobs from Pier 1 for $5 each.  

The drawers were musty smelling so I wiped them down with a mixture of water and vinegar.  Instead of buying liners with adhesive I bought a roll of wrapping paper from Target.  The selection of wrapping paper is so much better and usually cheaper, plus the dimensions are larger so you can cut to fit almost any size shelf or drawer.  I simply cut to fit and glued it down with a washable glue stick.

You can't really see it in the pictures but we bought a 5x7 rug from Urban Outfitters for $30!!!  Yes, my friends, I lucked out and the day I went to buy it, it had been marked down more than 50 dollars!!  I love the giant navy polka dots...so fun!

The nursery is really coming together, although the nesting part of me feels like there is TONS to do still:)  These next few months will be busy!

Speaking of busy, Madeleine is busy growing!  Here are some belly updates from the past few weeks.

24 Weeks
28 Weeks
26 Weeks

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  1. ahhh!! your little belly!! this is crazy.
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