January 16, 2013

sand. paint. repeat.

So I gave you a little update on our kitchen last week in this post.  After we moved our cabinets up 3 inches, it was time to remove the doors and start painting. Wait!  I mean sanding!

Sanding was by far the worst part of this project.  It took a lot of time and a lot of muscle...which led to me buying Joe a sander for Christmas;)  We sanded the boxes first which made our whole downstairs seem like a giant cloud of smoke so when it came time to sand the doors, we did that outside in the garage.

After sanding was complete, we set up a painting station in our dining room/study.  One of the positives of not having furniture for this room is the wide open work space we have.  We used pieces of scrap particle board and layed them out over some plastic drop cloths.  Next, we drilled in 4 screws per door to prop them up.  This prevents paint gathering on the edges and drying to the wood which would lead to more sanding. Ugh!

We primed one side of the cabinets and then waited a couple of days.....

Then primed the other side....

Then finally we saw some gray! We painted one side and then the other after a couple of days of drying.

We also primed and painted the boxes at the same time.  We learned that you really have to be patient and let the paint dry completely or else it will smudge. More to come!!

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