January 14, 2013

MAP it out

maps maps maps.

If you haven't set a new year's resolution..or if you've broken yours already...it's never too late to start....again.

Every year Joe and I like to MAP it out and make plans for the upcoming year. I stress about how fast time goes by and when I lay out things that are really important and make a plan, it helps settle my mind and motivates me to get it done! 

Map stands for Master Action Plan and within this plan you set goals in the following subjects:

Spiritual-growing in faith
Physical- health and wellness
Professional- careers and callings
Personal- Family, Life, Spouse
Philanthropic- Generosity and charity

Goals should be measurable so try to avoid saying,  "I want to lose weight."  Instead, try, "I want to go to the gym at least 2 times a week and lose 2 pounds a month."

Some of our goals include reading one religious book each quarter, having a date night once a month, and taking two classes at our gym each month.  

What do your goals look like?

Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines. 
~Brian Tracy 

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