December 4, 2012

schedule it

Does anyone else feel like time goes by faster each year!  IT IS DECEMBER 4TH ALREADY!!!!  We have a super packed December (Joe's Birthday, David's graduation, Christmas celebrations 1-7, New Years EVE!) and in order to make sure we get everything ready, I have to put it on the calendar and put it on a list.

I would love to be able to say that we are spontaneous and have enough time to do all the things we dream of for a cozy Christmas season, but we get caught up so easily that we have to prioritize! No one wants to admit that they have to schedule family traditions like picking out a Christmas tree and making sugar cookies, watching our favorite holiday film while sipping hot chocolate. But I do.  It makes me feel better seeing it on paper and it frees up space in my head so I can enjoy the NOW. 

If you feel like you are struggling keeping your head above the eggnog, get out your calendar and put the important things on your list.  You WILL get it all together!!!

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