December 4, 2012

starting line up

I was unpacking my bag from a weekend trip out of town and putting my toiletries back in my bathroom drawers when I got the urge to spruce up my drawers and cabinets.  The previous owner of our house did an excellent job protecting the finishes with this lovely floral pattern drawer liner, but it's not really my taste and it was starting to wear (and tear) from age.  When I peeled it back, it left a sticky residue at the bottom of my drawer and we all know that wouldn't work with all my shed hairs floating around. GROSS!

I didn't want to run out and spend money on drawer liners and I needed something fast to take away the stickiness so I got creative with my wrapping paper.  I had an old roll of this wedding wrap in a white and gold scroll pattern that would work well in our white bathroom vanity.

I simply measured and cut to fit and smoothed it out over the already sticky surface.  There wasn't a sticky residue at the bottom of the cabinets so I had to reinforce with a washable glue stick.  When it's time to peel back, the glue will wipe right off with some warm soapy water.

Disclaimer.  Paper is a great substitute for drawer liners but only in areas where water is not going to harm the pattern.  I would not recommend paper in the kitchen!  If you try this project at home send me your before and after

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