December 11, 2012

gettin' jiggy with it

very focused on our project

With a JIG saw that is:)  I purchased this lovely buffet to use as our media stand several months ago  because I loved how much storage space it provided! 3 drawers, 3 cabinets, 6 shelves, and tons of space to top it off. 

 When it came time to mover her in, we ran into an issue with power cords.  Since this piece is not originally intended for media storage, there were no holes in the back to allow for plug ins.  So Joe got out his nifty jig saw, created a template, traced, and sawed. (Make sure the opening is large enough so that the cords don't get damaged or overheated in a small space)

Once we cleaned up the saw dust, which goes so nicely with dark furniture, we untangled a giant mess of cords and threaded them through to the right units. To keep the cords tidy in the back, I used a green cord wrap from The Container Store to hold them all together. Now we can dedicate the surface to sentimental things and even have room to grow in the cabinets below.


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