December 28, 2012

family tree

I love giving gifts.  I love the whole process.  I like to think about each individual, come up with ideas, and go get it.  I am not a "browse until I find something that "looks" like them kind of girl.Check out our favorite Christmas gift...that we gave! 
Family Tree Wreath

This year, my favorite gift was given to both our parents.  I was inspired by THIS pin but wanted to create a family tree instead of a wreath.  What an awesome way to decorate for Christmas and watch your family grow through the years!

The inspiration came LAST Christmas but I didn't have enough time to put it together so I saved it for this year. Fortunately, I was able to find marked down trees last year and picked up two, pre-lit, 3 ft trees. I was going for a vintage theme so this season, I picked up 2 gold/ivory/silver plaid mini tree skirts from Target along with glittered star tree toppers.  I purchased a couple of yards of lace for trim from Hobby Lobby as well as a few strands of pearls.  I collected the frames a little bit at a time but stuck with white, silver, and gold so that it would be easy to find matching frames as our families grow in the future.

Luckily for pictures, I had a great selection to choose from in my own files.  I simply cropped and sized to fit orientation of the frames and printed them out on our home computer.

I wanted to personalize the tree skirts to read, "Thompson Family Tree," and "Pawelek Family Tree," so I bought some plain ivory fabric and cut it into a design and then trimmed it with eyelet lace.  With a sewing machine, I attached them to the tree skirts and used fabric marker to hand write the rest. I also added vintage brooches I had in my jewelry box to the stars.

For wrapping, I had silver and kraft paper which I thought went really well with the gift inside (I love to match;).  I numbered each box in the order it was to be opened.

Both of our parents really loved it and my mom even set her's up that night in their formal dining room.  Here's how it looks!

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