December 27, 2012

power to you

Joe and I bought a desk for our formal living room/study.  I love the industrial character as well as the faded wood.  However, I didn't think about all the cord we would need to, printer, lamp, etc.  Fortunately we have a mac desktop so out cord are as minimal as possible.  After brainstorming a bit, I decided to get creative with some duct tape, twist ties, and command strips:)

I simply taped the power strip to the leg of the desk and tied the cords together using a twisty that I had saved.  HOARDER ALERT! I save all the twist ties that come with new purchases and loaves of bread...there are tons of uses for them..don't judge!

Here's how it turned out. 
No more cords hanging low and within view but still a functional desk with all the need power.

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