November 14, 2012

organized inspiration

I've never made an inspiration board before.  I never needed to.  But now that we have a home to design and decorate, I need them!  Lately I've been stressing out about decorating which surprises me because it's something I love to do. But anxiety creeps in when I think about what is all this going to cost? and what if it doesn't look good all together? and is it too late to return that?

Inspiration boards are my solution.  They help me ORGANIZE my ideas, see everything together in one make believe room, and plan out the different phases we can afford. There are some pretty neat tools out there to help you create boards, like Pinterest and Olioboard.  I simply just copy and paste pictures of things I like and format them on my computer.  Whatever suits you!

Here is our inspiration board for the kitchen.  Main change, phase one if you will...paint the cabinets.  Right now they are a peach wood grain that we both don't like (see picture below).  We're hoping to go gray!! The Behr paint, Wild Honey, is what we went with for our living room, b-fast nook, and kitchen because it's one shade lighter than what was already in our entry, 2nd story, and stairwell and we wanted them to go together.  I think gray with green undertones on the cabinets will do a great job updating as well as warming up the space.  What do you think??

Stay tuned for more kitchen posts as we hopefully make this inspiration board come to life!!

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  1. This is going to turn out great!!!! I can't wait to see what ya'll do with it!

  2. I can't wait either!! and, I spend far too much time on olioboard, it's a great organization tool for sure!