November 7, 2012

bridal 'shower'

The invitation

This summer my mom and I hosted a bridal shower for my cousin Kelsey at our house.  The theme was 'showers' and we loved how it turned out. I am really into themes and so is my mom, like mother like daughter right?!  We had so much fun collecting umbrellas and rain boots......

It's a blessing that we haven't touched out dining room and study since we moved in because we were able to bring in tables and chairs and fill the empty space. I love the umbrella chandelier.

We played a game that my mom has played at a bridal shower before where we made Kelsey some down wearing an apron with tons of household items attached.  We played cat walk music and she walked around everyone dancing.  Later, right before Kelsey opened gifts, we had everyone write down as many items as they could remember. The one with the most items wins!

Instead of a traditional wreath,
we hung a flower arrangement in an umbrella
Centerpieces were watering cans and rain boots
filled with dried wild flowers

Mom made the precious banner

Party favors were potted flowers with a message

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