October 30, 2012

october=media storage

Whoa!  Am I behind on this month or what?!  Goodbye October and hello November.

Tip Junkie
Here's a quick post about this month's storage tips, inspired by Better Homes and Gardens.  Media storage is a popular pain in most homes. Technology is always changing and now we have VHS, DVD, CD, and Blue Rays to store not to mention all the kinds of machines you need to play them!

Convert.  Pick one of the methods I mentioned above and go with it. You can easily convert all your VHS movies into DVDs by renting the appropriate equipment from a local store.

Contain.  Pick a cabinet or bin to house all your media equipment including movies, controllers, players, etc. Joe and I recent;y purchased a buffet to utilize as a media cabinet.  It has three cabinets and two drawers for great storage capacity.  More to come on this later...

The Container Store

Wrapped.  Organize chords by first untangling them.  Then drill a hole if necessary or find a means to feed the chords from your electronic component to the outlet in the wall.  If you have a thousand chords like us, tie them where they first come out of the media center with a twist tie or a cable tie like the one on the left.  Feel free to label your chords so there's no confusion as to what goes where.

Gaming.  I thought Joe would grow out of this.  Didn't happen.  Group all controllers together so they're easy to locate and keep a stock of batteries nearby.  Store games like DVDs in a bin or remove them from the case and store in a binder with sleeves.

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