November 19, 2012

November =Dining

Cameron Buffet & Hutch
Pottery Barn
How appropriate that November is dedicated to storage for the dining room since we all feast at the end of this month!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Read on for tips on how to shape up your dining area and be thankful for organization!!

Functional.  Make sure you have a functional piece of furniture in your dining room, not just a table.  You need a way to store your platters, linens, and fancy dishes.  I love the look of an antique buffet and hutch, preferably with glass door on top...I'm hoping to get one for our dining room.  Right now, our dining room has a pop up table and no be continued.

Display the pretty.  This is where the glass doors come into play.  I love when I can display platters, candles, etc, out in the open because they tie in with my colors or they are just pretty to look at.  This saves the effort of finding storage space behind closed doors. Try to create a display of items you have in your cupboards and closets and send me a picture of what you create!  I'll put together a post about this soon because I tried this when staging the awkward space above our kitchen counters and loved how it turned out.  

Paper.  Paper good can really accumulate.  I feel like I never use paper plates and cups but somehow I have a ton.  If you don't use paper goods on a daily basis, take a tip from my mom and box them up until your next party. Out of sight out of your valuable space!

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