September 11, 2012

house wine

We needed a storage solution for our wine glasses, adult beverages, and accessories, and we had the perfect 1/2 wall to do the job.  We knew exactly what we wanted to do with this space when we first walked through our house with our realtor!

This is the best picture I could find of the space before, just to the right of the stairs

In Jacksonville, we bought this lovely gray-blue cabinet from Home Goods to use as a media stand in our loft, but we decided to convert it into our bar.  It fits perfectly in the space and we love the pop of color.

Our media stand in the Jacksonville loft

Joe and I saw a wine rack at our good friend's, the Gerbmans, house and decided to try and make it (I'll post about that later).  They had the great idea of mounting it to the wall and we did the same.  Good thinking Kate and Greg!



Using more inspiration from Pottery Barn, Joe made these beautiful wine glass shelves and stained them to match the wine rack.  It was a perfect solution for all our wine glasses and now we freed up another kitchen cabinet.

Finished Product
The cabinet proved to be great for this storage project and houses wine and liquor as well as champagne glasses inside.  The bottom shelf holds our large beverage tub and champagne chiller, and the drawer keeps our stoppers, openers, cocktail recipe books, etc.  A glass pitcher on top displays our collection of wine corks.  We make sure to jot down the occasion and date on the cork and hope to do something creative with them in the future.  What great times to remember!

 We enjoyed this project and love the turn out.  Happy Hour is 24/7 at the Pawelek's!!!

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  1. I just love your colors, and this totally belongs in a PB catalog.

  2. I love this idea! How did you mount the cubed wine rack to the wall?

    1. Hi Ashley! We used super heavy duty anchors and screws and simply drilled through the back side of the crate. We colored the screw heads with some brown marker so you can't see them unless you really look close:)

  3. LOVE the project! Do you share plans or measurements to copy cat?