August 28, 2012

let's go to the beach, each

This summer we took several trips to the beach; Geda's birthday celebration, the Thompson Family beach trip, Galveston for the 4th of July, and the Pawelek family beach trip.  We are very fortunate to live only a few hours drive away from Port Aransas which makes taking a weekend trip with our family and friends so convenient. This year was so much fun, especially with little ones to keep us adults entertained:)  Below I've listed our beach must haves to pack in our bag and vehicle when we head to the water.

Beach Trip

Sunscreen-Joe and I like to use the lotion kind first and then reapply with the spray kind; for some reason, I think the lotion just works better.

Beach towels-towels are a hot commodity on the beach so set some aside for the end of the day that no one will get sandy.  No one likes a sandy beach towel.

Shovel- This is crucial! We used a shovel to dig holes for our pop up tent, to dig holes for the bonfire, to pick up jelly fish that washed ashore, and to just play in the sand.

Ice chest- we had a lot of Yetis make a debut this season and the ice did really last longer! 

Bottled water- Yes to drink, but I like to keep one in the car to wash my feet off before I get back in.

Beach toys-my parents have a huge bag for beach toys that they keep in the attic.  It holds everything from sand toys, to floats, to Frisbees.  It comes down in the summer and stores nicely in the winter.

Pop up tent- this summer was incredibly hot and the pop up tent was a nice break from those darn UV's.  Totally worth it if you beach like us, we are out there all day long! Keep the original bag it comes in so that you can easily store with all the pieces and connections.

Beach hat- I love that those big floppy hats are in style again!  So great for face protection, now if I could just keep it from blowing off.....

Once you get home-rinse everything off and let dry completely before storing.  This will prevent mildew smells for next summer.

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