September 17, 2012

September = Master Closet

Elfa Storage Solutions from The Container Store
September is the month to dedicate to your master closet.  Here some storage tips to make the most of you space.
Decorate.  Yes it's a closet.  Yes, only you and your significant other see it (usually). But as The Container Store says, you should love your closet so much that you want to do a little dance every time you walk in.  Paint the walls a calming color, add crown molding, utilize an ottoman (hello! extra storage and cuteness), lay down a patterned rug, and touch it off with awesome lighting.  You should love how you look, so love the space that stores your look.
The Container Store stackable shoe boxes only $1.89!
Discounts available for bulk purchases

Shoe in.  There are tons of ways to store shoes.  In college, my closet space was limited so I used under bed boxes with wheels to store all of my shoes.  Now, we have a whole wall of shoe shelves.  You can also use stackable shoe boxes or a shoe rack.  All this said, there is no excuse for your shoes to be piled up on the floor.

Huggable hangers.  These are the best!!  I converted when we lived in Jacksonville because our master closet was a laundry room, linen closet, utility closet, and garage all in one, we were desperate for space.  Huggable hangers are slim so you save space, clothes stay on so they look tidy, and there is an accessory hook for you to actually hang up to 4  items on one hanger.

Purge.  I know it's hard but it has to be done.  Go through your closet at least once a year and donate clothing, accessories, and shoes that you don't wear as much.  My sister-in-law, Becky, has a sister Tara, who's husband Barry (wow! did you get that?) has a great system for purging items.  Whenever he wears a piece of clothing, he adds a safety pin to the hanger.  This helps him keep track of all the shirts he has worn and how many times.  Although he uses this method as to not repeat, this is also great to know which items to purge.  No safety pin=toss!  Tara, send me a picture of Barry's shirts so I can share:)  Check out Tara's awesome blog here.

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  1. LOVE IT! My closet needs you again.'s getting out of control! Love the rug idea. And love the idea of making your closet "pretty". Great ideas!

  2. Back off my closet... The OCD gets me sometimes.

    1. Def. not hating:) I love your side of the closet...don't tell Tara!