July 9, 2012

july=creative spaces

Whatever your hobby, July is the month to organize your creative space and store all your supplies.

Take the trash out.  First thing...take the time to go through all your markers, pens, paints, scissors, etc. and test them out. Toss the ones that are dried up or dull.  You will be amazed at how many you have held onto over the years!

Match maker.  When organizing hobby areas, I love to give each material it's own home by purchasing bins in all sizes.  Matching bins make the space look uniform and tidy.  Labels should match too and try to find labels to print on if your handwriting is a little untidy.

Suspend it.  These cheap little rods have become an essential tool when organizing crafts.  They are perfect for storing wrapping paper and ribbon and functional when it come time to roll out.

Organize by project.  Here's your excuse to buy those beautiful Stockholm document boxes that come in several brilliant colors!  That pillow you've been meaning to make?  Toss all your supplies in the box and the whole thing is ready for you when you want to start!  Works great when organizing inspiration pieces for scrap booking too.

For more inspiration, check out this craft closet.

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