February 20, 2012

make room for creativity

Mary Englebreit, a famous artist, reflected in an interview of how her mother made a drawing area out of a tiny closet so that she would have the quiet space to put her imagination on paper.  She credits this act to her success, saying that if she wouldn't have had this area as a child, she probably wouldn't have found her calling as artist.

This story came to mind for this organizing project, a craft closet we all dream of.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a designated space for those art projects and diy creations?  If you're like me, all your supplies must be gathered from all areas of the house and by the time you get set, you have only a few minutes to throw something together.  Not quite the imagination station!

This space was so fun to put together.  Small bins stacked, and perfectly labeled to house every craft essential from sharpies to sequins, looks so clean and yet so functional.  The built in shelves were the perfect depth and height to allow two rows of stacked bins.  No need to reach behind.

It can be overwhelming organizing craft supplies, because there are tiny scraps, loose glue sticks, hundreds of buttons, and countless containers.  Don't be tempted to store small items in small containers.  I suggest taking things out of their original packaging and group like things together.  Select medium bins to house all your categories and savor the extra room, because our craft collection consistently grows with every project.

My favorite features for this space are the homemade ribbon stems. and the poster board pocket.  Inspired by paper towel holders, simply glue wooden dowels into blocks of particle board and slide ribbon spools over the top. Ribbon is easy to view and accessible, not to mention the visual impact when you first open the door!

For the poster pocket, I purchased two wall files and mounted one vertically and one horizontaly.  The poster boards just slide right it!

The "cave" under the staircase was perfect for large bins of fabric and paint.  For the hard to reach places, keep items you don't use often, such as quilt batting and pillow stuffing.

Keep tools you use regularly out in the open, such as tape, hole punchers, and pens.  We used a file box to store construction paper and accordion file folders to organize greeting cards and envelopes.

I challenge you to pick an area of your home and designate it as your creativity center.  Send me pictures of what you put together.

Just like the story above, a tiny closet can breath life into huge talent.

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  1. seriously! That before is nuts. What an awesome transformation. You're so good Casey!

  2. This is incredible! Now I really want a craft room/closet!

  3. Wow - you should come take a crack at my closet at school!!