January 23, 2012

case logic

What do luggage and holiday/party decorations have in common? Both are challenging to store.  No one wants to climb into the attic every time you travel and who wants tubs of decor in their master closet?

This family had a spare closet in the hall where miscellaneous items found a home.  After sorting through it all and putting items where a home already existed, we dedicated the space to what they needed most, a luggage and seasonal decor closet.

If you find yourself swimming in suitcases, simply combine them like a Russian nesting doll, put one inside the other. 

In order to maximize the vertical storage space, we found a way to hang suitcases and duffel bags.  Just invest in some over sized "S" hooks and bend them to hug the closet rod.  The other side of the hook grasps the luggage handle.

 For decor, group items into seasonal or holiday categories.  Purchase stackable bins large enough to house each category and then label accordingly. 

For wreaths, just flip the wreath hanger towards the inside of a closet door and hang.

The back wall of this closet was completely scuffed. Mr. Cleans Magic Erasers worked a miracle!

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  1. wow, what an improvement! that's exactly what our hall closet looks like (the before) :/