January 10, 2012

Happy New You!

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How many of you have a new years resolution about getting organized?  Well this year, I have a plan to help you de-clutter and make your home more efficient by tackling a certain space each month. 

Keep track of your progress and send me pictures of areas you've accomplished!


As 2012 begins, dedicate the first month of the year to your home office and technology areas. 

Set up a mailing station that allows you to efficiently sort through incoming papers and file them in the right spot.  I suggest having a main "in-box" that collects all incoming papers.  When you catch a free moment, sort through your in-box and file appropriately.  Important documents should be kept in a file box or safe where you keep records and materials you use sparingly.  For more immediate matters, place them in a folder labeled "Action Needed," and check it weekly. For junk mail, take the time to unsubscribe to senders and lighten your load.

Every home should have a functional calendar.  Whether it's a small daily planner you carry in your purse, or a huge dry erase board the whole family shares, make sure events are up to date and get in the habit of referencing it daily.

Every home office has tiny tools; paper clips, rubber bands, erasers, pens, etc.  Transform that "go to" drawer by purchasing a drawer organizer with small compartments for all your supplies.

If you find yourself swimming in markers, highlighters, and pens, take 30 minutes at the max and test them all.  It seems tedious, but if they're dried out, they're taking up unnecessary space.

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  1. i definitely believe in more organization, and with my hectic schedule I could use it. Think this idea is great!! When I get my new place your my go to girl :)