December 15, 2011

wrapping wonderland

An organizing challenge many of us face during the holiday season is storing our wrapping supplies. For one, we all have to wrap gifts throughout the year and sometimes it's a hassle gathering all the supplies from different areas of the house. Two, we all have more wrap, gift boxes, ribbon, tags, bows, etc. than can fit in those plastic gift wrap containers. The solution: a fabulous space capable of displaying all your wrapping supplies right at your fingertips.

This closet had previously housed all the home gift decor but it was impossible to find anything, and they wound up purchasing new tissue and gift bags in spite of digging through the mess. With the help of an old dresser found in the client's garage, we were able to transform this space into a gift wrap wonderland that now houses ONLY gift wrap essentials and entertaining supplies.
We dedicated one drawer to tissue paper and small gift boxes, another to gift bags, and the bottom drawer to crackle paper and fluff. The second drawer of the dresser was broken so we used the open space to store gift boxes. The face of the broken drawer didn't go to waste! We added a couple of brackets and turned it into a shelf to store bins of bows, and floral decor. On the surface, a letter sorter holds gift tags and spools of ribbon are strung across for easy access. On the side of the dresser two hooks are used to hang over sized gift bags.
TIP: During the holidays, create a wrapping station (even if you don't have one permanently) and allow your family members to sign up for shifts. This will give each member the opportunity to wrap without risking their gifts being discovered, and also encourages gifts to be wrapped before Christmas Eve!
When working with a closet under stairs, utilize the space in the back. In this case we used wooden crates turned on their sides to hold folded table linens and runners. The client only uses them when she's entertaining and won't have to retrieve them often.
Merry Wrapping!!

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