December 7, 2011

tinsel time tips

Wish list-Throughout the year, make notes of Christmas gift ideas for family and friends. I keep a memo on my blackberry 'Gift Ideas Don't Peak!' so whenever someone drops me a hint, I add it to the list undetected. By Christmas time, I have a variety of gift ideas to choose from and share with others who need help;)

Shop Smart-I personally am not a browser when it comes to shopping. I get exhausted so easily if I shop around the mall trying to get ideas and usually leave with buyers remorse because I settled. I prefer to have something in mind and go into a store for that specific item. Online shopping is so convenient during the holidays too. There are tons of deals and offers for free shipping so try to check off your list without even leaving the house!

Snow Mail-Better Homes and Gardens had a great idea called 'The 12 Days of Christmas Cards.' Make a game plan for buying/making your cards, writing messages, addressing, stamping, and sending your cards that spreads over a 12 day period. By delegating a certain task to each day, it's less overwhelming and you feel productive every time.

Put a Stamp on it-Learn from my mistake and purchase Christmas stamps ahead of time. I've been to two post offices already and both were out of holiday stamps (Bulverde and Spring Branch). The jolly man behind the counter tried to get me to buy the Birthday Celebration stamps! I probably could have passed them off, you know with baby Jesus' birth and all, but I held out and third USPS the charm, I got some very beautiful Christmas ornament stamps.

Ahead of the game-Storage boxes are another necessity you must purchase early. Most retailers run out of Christmas specific storage containers fast, as there is a mad rush to get them when everyone is taking down their decorations. Take inventory when you first get your decor out of the attic, and then purchase as many containers as you need. I love for everything to match, yes even my storage containers that end up in a closet, so for the best variety, now is the time to get them.

TIP:Try to use an ornament box to store your holiday candles. The pre-made sections are the perfect size!

Snap Shot-One of the most stressful things about decorating your home for Christmas is remembering where things go/look best, and having to put things back in the attic if there is no room for it to be displayed. I recommend taking pictures of your favorite arrangements, have them developed, and store them in you storage boxes until next year. Then, when Christmas rolls around again, no fretting, just mimic your picture! As for items that are outdated or you simply don't have space for, donate them to your church. Sunday school classrooms and church offices would love to spruce up for the holidays too.

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