November 21, 2011

mind your manners

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With Thanksgiving dinner fast approaching, I wanted to take some time to review small tid bits about table manners and proper etiquette.  I'm not a stickler for etiquette, but there is something about when all my family gathers around our dining room table we use only twice a year, set with china we have to hand wash, and cloth napkins we can't throw away that makes me sit up a little straighter.  Some 'rules' are a little extreme for me but below are some helpful reminders on how to politely devour your turkey dinner.

  • Place you napkin in your lap once you take your seat or when your drink arrives. Tucking your napkin into your collar is actually appropriate for messy dishes such as pasta.
  • When you leave your seat at the table during a meal, place your napkin in the seat of your chair until you return.  When the meal is over, place your napkin on your plate.
  • When passing platters and serving bowls, pass to the right so everything makes it around the table at least once.
  • For utensils, the big fork is for dinner, the big spoon is for soup, and any utensils placed horizontally above your plate are reserved for dessert.
  • Once a utensil has been used, it shouldn't touch the table again.  Rest used forks, knives, and spoons on the edges of you your plate or bread plate. Utensils placed in the 10 o'clock/4 o'clock position signal that you are finished and your plate may be picked up.
  • To prevent accidentally drinking out of your neighbors glass, a general rule of thumb when looking at your place setting is that your drinking glasses are on your right and you bread plate is on your left.

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