November 10, 2011

thanksgiving turkey in organized fashion

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful.  I cooked my first holiday dinner last year for eight hungry rookies!!  It was my first turkey, which we defrosted with a hairdryer the night before and I only had to break into a friends house for some much needed sage.  No big deal.

Skip the stress by planning early! 

1.  Figure out the number of guests you will have and plan your serving sizes around that. 
2.  Set a menu by combining everyone's special requests and decide if you want a traditional dinner or something a little different. 
3. Make a list of EVERYTHING you need to purchase and head to the grocery store NOW to avoid the rush Thanksgiving week.
4.  Make your dinner potluck style and ask friends and family to bring a side dish. 
5.  Create a timeline of tasks for the day of so you won't forget a dish or have to wait on oven space.

Here are some fabulous, downloadable Thanksgiving planning materials as well as a 'fill in yourself' timeline generator to help your meal preparations go smoothly.

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