May 18, 2012

we're home

For the past two years, Joe and I have moved a hundred times.  From Texas to Seattle, back to Texas, back to Seattle, back to Texas, to Jacksonville, back to Texas and back and forth from mom and dad's to Mike and Judy's.  Whew!  We have packing down to a science and have learned to live without a lot of our belongings (either we forgot to pack them or couldn't find them amid all the boxes).  While we loved exploring new cities, our unstable spontaneous lifestyle, and being home (literally) so close to our families, we are very excited to have a place to call our own!

Our house is just inside the city in an area called Stone Oak. I can just see our wreaths on the beautiful kelly green door, garland on the banister at Christmas, and our kids playing in the cul-de-sac.  This precious little house is ours and we LOVE it.

We went back and forth between renting and buying for a long time but are thankful for the investment opportunity we had.  We had appointments to look at houses with our realtor the day this one came on the market.  One of the appointments fell through so we substituted and were able to look at it that same day.  We were the first to look and the first to offer.  It was just meant to be!  I am very thankful for our smooth buying process. I used to cringe at the thought of gathering all the paperwork and was anxious about the scrutiny of the underwriter, but we were very fortunate.  If you need any referrals, you know where to go!

There are tons of organizing projects to be done in the new house, OUR house!  So stay tuned......

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