May 31, 2012

Go Organized

Most people don't think of The Container Store for traveling products but they have a great selection of luggage and accessories, and right now, everything Travel is on sale during their "Go Organized" campaign!!

Check out the Eagle Creek 'Pack It' system.  This collection has bags and pockets for all your clothing to fold right up and dive right into you bags.  The tight zippers and folding techniques keep clothes wrinkle free and save so much room! Available in Blue and Black.

I love the luggage scale too.  I bought one for Joe last Christmas when we were traveling all over because Joe is one of those who will open up the bags and transfer weight around to avoid paying extra fees.  Now we know what our bag weighs before we head to the airport. Simply strap onto your suitcase, lift using the handle, and read the digital scale.

There is a new product I want to check out, either because the name is so clever or because I hate when wet items spoil my entire suitcase.  The "Wet Happened?" laundry bag contains those wet items while we travel and keeps everything else fresh and dry.

Photos courtesy of The Container Store
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