April 12, 2011

quick fixes


These homeowners were on the move, literally.  A job change was underway and in order to make a home in their new location, they needed their current house to sell ASAP! A walk through with their realtor helped them gain some expert advice on how to make a home appeal to potential buyers.  For small spaces (pantries, closets, cabinets) it's best to make as much open space as possible so that buyers can visualize their own belongings there.  In this pantry, we got rid of all the clutter on the floor and made more space available on the shelves.  By stacking serving ware that you use occasionally on the top shelf, you free up more space for everyday items.  The higher you can stack items on the top shelf, the better, because it enhances the height of the space, making it seem taller.  In every pantry you should categorize foods and keep those categories on the same shelf each time you restock.  This makes it easy for all members of the household to know where things go and you will find fewer items get misplaced.  Some categories to think about are breads, snacks, breakfast, canned goods, wraps and baggies, paper goods, desserts, and spices.  You may think that small projects like this won't even make a dent, but by breaking things up into increments, you feel satisfied after completing one area and motivated to move onto the next! 

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