April 6, 2011

organized spice makes everything nice



Spices can really make a meal, but when they are unorganized and hard to get to, they can really slow down meal preparation.  This spice cabinet was a quick and easy fix! 

We started by combining duplicate spices into one container and tossing those that had expired or were never used.  Spices are pretty expensive so by making everything easy to see, you won't risk purchasing double. 

For the bottom shelf, we added three tiered, acrylic spice racks to make spices in the back more visible and easier to reach.  On the second shelf, turntables are perfect for utilizing space and making things easy to grab.  We separated items into three categories for the turntables; main ingredients (salt, pepper, bread crumbs, etc.), vinegar/oils, and grilling.  Finally, for the top shelf we categorized the remaining items into four baskets; two dedicated to baking supplies, one for beverage mixes, and the last for cooking oils.  Clear baskets on the top shelf make items easy to see and handles make them easy to grab. Like items in a basket make for quick prep time when everything you need is one place.  Also found on the top shelf are two clear containers with hinged lids, perfect for storing toothpicks and sugar packets.  Bon Appetit!

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