May 1, 2011

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This game room entertainment center seems overwhelming at first, but it only took a few hours to accomplish.  While we sorted through all the contents, we found missing game pieces, spare cards, and cords that we were able to return to their original home.  If a game has too many missing pieces, you may want to consider tossing it or use it's materials to complete a game you play more often.  When storing board games, I get irritated because not all of the boxes are the same dimensions and don't stack neatly. To avoid those untidy stacks, I suggest keeping the majority of your games in a cabinet or closet and displaying only your favorites on a shelf.  You may feel like you need to weed out some of your games because you rarely play, but if they are in good condition, hold onto them and be prepared for that game night that rolls around every so often.

One of the major obstacles we faced was detangling all the tv/vcr/dvd/wii/playstation/xbox/stereo cords.  Luckily, there was an outlet located in one of the cabinets and we were able to feed all the cords through a drilled hole and plug them into a hidden power strip.  When dealing with messy cords, there are a few ways to tackle them.  1. You can purchase color coded ties that label each cord and help you distinguish which wire belongs to which appliance. 2.  You can purchase a cord keeper which is a long tube designed to keep all cords together but hides them at the same time.  The cord keeper is available in white and black to blend into any home. 3. If you want to keep it simple, just attach a hair clip around your cord group and you are set.  For game accessories, such as controllers, pick out a decorative basket and keep it next to the TV so everything is easy to get to when extra players are added.

The hardest thing about organizing a space is purging belongings that have sentimental value. In this project we collected sports memorabilia like old sports balls, pieces of uniforms, and signs that carried so much meaning to the client and her kids.  Instead of tossing everything that isn't currently used, we selected the most meaningful items and displayed them as decoration on the shelves in the game room.  They add so much character to the space and allow the family to relive those memories every time they walk into the room.

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