November 14, 2010

what can fit is what you get



My husband, Joe, and I recently moved to Washington State for his new job with the Seattle Seahawks.  Joe was in training camp for 3 weeks leading up to roster cuts and when the decision was made that he would be on the practice squad, I was busy back in Texas getting our things ready to move.  Since the NFL is very unstable, Joe and I have to be ready to move in case he gets cut or traded to another team.  We decided we would share a car during the season and have a trucking service ship it to Seattle.  We  made a deal to only take whatever I could fit in the 4runner.  This was EXTREMELY difficult!  Combining both our college belongings and all our new wedding presents, we needed an eighteen wheeler to make it to Washington! It took all week to weed out what we could live without for the season, and this is what the car looked like the day I packed it up.  We had hangers in between seats, boxes filled the back, and linens were stuffed in all the extra nooks and crannies.  When the trucking service came to pick it up, I had to sign a contract that stated, "the vehicle is clear of all belongings." Yeah, OK!  I felt a little guilty signing our car away, but making our move over 2,152 miles for less than $1000 was totally worth it!

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