October 28, 2010

his & hers



This client was recently married, and when two became one, they each got a closet of equal dimension (his and hers closets if you will).  The only hitch was that the bride had twice the amount of clothes, shoes, and accessories to store in the same amount of space!  The solution? The closet was previously built with shelving units from The Container Store, so we bought an additional shelf and rack to add more space for hanging items.  We also purchased a pair of extra large bins to store purses, totes, and weekender bags.  At the bottom of the closet, there was not enough space to install a shoe rack, so we moved all her dress shoes and pumps to the hanging shoe organizers and stored trainers, flats, and boots below in matching wicker bins.  This project took about 2 hours to purge and only 1 hour to put back together, giving us a completion time of 3 hours.  I would say they lived happily ever after with this new closet space!

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  1. HEY!! that looks familiar!!! love it, love it, love it! thank you thank you THANK YOU! changed my life. (am i supposed to remain anonymous here?...oops) you're the best.