October 8, 2014

thinning out september

This month let's go through our sock drawer.  I feel like my mother taught me right in this area.  I have two kinds of socks, white ankle sock and white long socks.  They are all the same style and brand, sort of like the batman's closet of sock drawers, so it I lose one (where DO they go?) or if one is really worn, I just throw them out and I don't worry about messing up the pair.  I have 5 pairs of socks with patterns or color that are easy to maintain and match up, everyone needs a pair of Halloween and Christmas socks right?!.  Joe on the other hand has a million types of socks and all different brands so pairing them up is a nightmare and I usually make him do it.

Go through your sock stash and get rid of those socks that have missing their match for too long.  Toss the ones that have holes in the big toe and heel and then slowly transition to buying all the same style and brand that way the never ending game of match maker on laundry day can stop:)

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