July 2, 2014

ten months

This month you are on the go Madeleine. You have gotten so good at crawling and we love when you have your mind set on getting somewhere because you go super fast.  The sound of your pitter patter is the best! The baby gate is officially up because you love to climb the stairs!  You love to climb anything really, through chairs, up the couch, onto tables.  

Summer has been so fun with you little water baby!  We play in your splash pad, grams and pops' pool, and sometimes even the kitchen sink:)

This month we took you to the beach for the 1st time and you ate it up, literally.  You tasted the sand a few times and while you didn't like the taste so much you didn't mind it getting all over you.  You loved crawling all around and picking up things you would discover along the way.  We were there for a while before you looked up and noticed the water.  You crawled right into the waves and splashed around.  Dad took you out and you loved jumping over the white caps:)

Another first this month was the zoo!  We went for a morning and you loved looking at all the animals, especially the monkeys.   These days you are starting to mimic animal sounds with us and you have said moo, cock a doodle doo, and even roared.

You have really begun to communicate with us more.  You say bye bye and wave, you clap your hands, and you blow kisses. You even shake your head 'no' although sometimes this is your way of flirting:)  Your voice is the sweetest sound and I love hearing it during our talks.  I especially melt when you say mama..

You are eating pretty good and this month we gave you cheerios for the first time, such a classic baby snack.  Your two front teeth came in so you can really crunch them good.  You also like ice water, yogurt, and whatever we're eating. When you sit in your high chair you like to prop one foot up on the side which you get from your dad. He always puts one foot in another chair.  Whenever you eat in your bumbo chair you tap your feet when you are ready for more.

This month you are wearing size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes.  Your eyes are still blue and you blonde hair is getting so long you can even wear tiny barrettes now.  You are so smart, so fun, and we love you so much sweet girl.  Happy 10 months!

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