July 30, 2014

products we loved 6-9 months

M is such a water baby so we have to include her kiddie pool as one of our favorite products.  It's cheap and fragile 9literally $7 from Walmart), but it provides a lot of fun in the sun.  We spend at least an hour in it some afternoons and she loves splashing around and playing with her toys.  I also enjoy the little bit of lounging time when I'm out there with her.  My mom also got her a baby splash pad that we set up on the side because m likes to get in and out of her pool so now she doesn't get muddy and has another play area to choose:)  We also took her kiddie pool to the beach and it was nice not to have to trek all the way to the water to wash her off.  Her older cousins enjoyed it too.

Unfortunately M has had a couple of colds so we have gotten some good use out of her cool mist humidifier.  Our pediatrician says that she is too young for cough medicine so the only thing to help her runny nose, congestion, and cough is for her to sleep with the humidifier on at night.  We also use saline drops in her nose which have been pretty effective.

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