June 3, 2014

nine months

What a busy month!  We celebrated our first mother's day together, you were a flower girl in Carly and James' wedding, and daddy graduated.  You have been such a trooper at all these big events; napping in the car, eating your dinner in our laps, and being held by just about anyone.  It is so fun to take you everywhere with us!!

You have been on the go ever since you started to crawl.  You love to go really fast and you follow me everywhere!  After your bath you love to crawl around naked and we chase you into all the upstairs rooms.  You have started to pull up on everything, including my legs, and you have shown a little interest in climbing the stairs.  You really like to pull up on the window sill and look outside.

Speaking of outside, you love it, mostly because you like to dig in the dirt and eat leaves and rocks.  You usually get dirt in your tiny nails and I have so much trouble getting them clean.  We have been going on weekly walks with Becky and Patrick and Leslie, Daniel and Lily which you have really enjoyed.  Whenever we walk around the neighborhood you love to see animals, especially puppies which you get really serious about and squeal at.

I think you are for sure a water baby!  We set up your baby pool in the yard and you played for hours.  You help us water the plants and like to feel the hose water with your fingers. You play in the sink when I do dishes. And you went to the pool for the first time and you loved splashing around in the cold water.  You got your first boo boo crawling around the pool and scraped your big toe.  You didn't even cry!!  I feel sad for you but your tiny bandaid is pretty precious:)

You continue to 'talk' all the time and this month you have been saying "golly, golly, golly" and clicking your tongue.  You have been going through a shy phase where you tilt your head way to the side and blush at people...it's so adorable!  This month you learned to give us kisses which I'm sure we annoy you with how many kisses we want now. Sorry I'm not sorry.

You are still eating really good and have moved on to a few table foods like mashed potatoes, chicken, turkey, green beans, bread, and black beans.  Anything we are eating you just have to have.  You are such a big girl now and feed yourself a bottle when we prop you up on a pillow.  Sometimes you are too distracted and can't stay still enough for this.

Sleeping is still going well and you have learned to lay back down after sitting up. We had to lower the crib because you can pull up now and we need to work on laying back down after standing.  The other night you were very stubborn and wouldn't lay down and literally fell asleep standing up.  It was the funniest thing!  I went in and layed you down and you didn't even stir.  In the morning, we bring you in bed with us to have your bottle while we have coffee and a lot of times you and I will go back to sleep and cuddle.  I'm guessing you will like to sleep in like me but sometimes you are a morning person with daddy.

At nine months you weigh 19 lbs 7 oz, are 26 3/4 inches, wear size 3 diapers, and size 12 month clothes.  Your eyes are blue and your hair is still blonde.  We love you sweet girl!!
Happy nine months!

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