June 6, 2014

how do baby's have so much STUFF?

I've had a few people ask me about Madeleine's closet and how I have her things organized, so here is a little tid bit about organizing the baby and the million things they accumulate.

Her closet has a top shelf that is hard to get to so I bought two large bins and I store our back up inventory of diapers and extra blankets in them.

Her dirty clothes hamper matches the bins and sits on the floor under the 'long hang' rod since her clothes are so tiny and we have a lot of space there.  I also have a smaller hamper for her downstairs so I don't have to treck up to her room every time she soils something.  Another perk about her short, tiny clothes, is the extra space under her double rods.  I keep her pack and play and suitcase on the floor there.

I also purchased a hanging shoe organizer and four bins, all in a linen finish.  The bins hold bloomers, hats, burp cloths and extras (back up wipes, disposable changing pads, place mats, diaper genie refills, etc).  These will be great bins for her to grow into as they can easily change to hold bows, headbands, tights, and other goodies.

I registered for baby hangers and ended up hanging a lot of her clothes.  I bought these cool hanging dividers to keep her clothes sectioned off by age/size.  This has been extremely helpful because I know exactly where I can pull from for her size at the moment.

Over the door I hung a trio of hooks that hold her little tote bags and over night duffles.

There is a whole blank wall on the left side that I envision putting cool  mirrors on, and maybe a shelf or two for little nick knacks. But I will wait until she is older.  I would also love to paint the closet to match the bedroom.  I just loved how it felt to paint our pantry so I want to eventually paint all of our closets:)

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