May 2, 2014

eight months

Madeleine you are so active this month!  You went from rocking on all fours, to army crawling, to crawling, to even trying to pull up on anything and everything!  It is so precious to watch you go somewhere.  You get so serious and focused and even grunt in all your efforts:)  You can even go from your tummy to sitting up which impresses me every time.

Now that you can get around on your own, you love to explore.  You're favorite places are under the coffee table, outside, and the laundry room.  Whenever you are on tile or concrete you bear crawl so your knees don't touch:)  We have to watch you constantly because you pick up everything and put it straight in your mouth.  I've had to fish out leaves, paper, and just today you managed to open a bag of confetti!

You love to talk to us all the time.  You say 'papapa' and 'bababa' over and over and sometimes you whisper which is SO sweet.  You say 'daddy' in your own way.  I can't describe it in letters, haha, but I know that is what you are saying.  You love that daddy!  You also like to spit.  You spit in all the quiet places too, especially church.  It is so funny but also very drooly.

We play all the time and have little play stations set up in the living room, study, and our bedroom.  This month the Easter bunny brought you bubbles and you love to watch them float all around and you even reach out to grab them.  We hung up your swing and you LOVE it!  We find time to swing everyday and a lot of the times you play in the swing while we do yard work.  You always smile when we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and lately you've been trying to sing a long.

At night and during your naps, you prefer to sleep on your belly with your head face down on your hands and you bottom in the air.  I used to be afraid you couldn't breath, but you insist and roll over as soon as we lay you down.

We took you the doctor just this week because you were tugging on your ear and seemed to have lost your appetite.  No ear infection yet, maybe just teething, but we found out you weigh 17 lb 10 oz and are 25.9 inches long!  It won't be long before you are in size three diapers.  

We celebrated your first Easter this month and you were amazing!!!  We took you to church throughout Holy Week and made you sit for long periods of time but you handled them like a champ!  The Easter bunny visited you and you had your first Easter egg hunt.  You think Easter eggs are so much fun and you try to catch them rolling around on the tile. 

Happy 8 months little girl!!!


  1. aww!!! what a little lady! She's getting so big!

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  3. Casey, these posts make me so happy :) It's going to be amazing when she's old enough to look back on these and see how loved she is, always was, and always will be!