May 6, 2014

diy curtain rods

Joe and I saw pvc pipe turned into industrial curtain rods online and thought that would be the perfect rod for our curtains in the dining room and study!  It was so easy and cost effective!
What we did:
Measure the window
purchase the pvc pieces
put together
spray paint
hang them up!

Since our window is large, we had to do three plumber valves (the silver pieces), one long piece of pipe, 1 t connector, 2 elbow connector, and 3 screw pieces.  I totally am not using the correct terms but you will be able to figure it out in the store as there are diagrams.  I feel like Phoebe on Friends teaching Joey how to play guitar without knowing the names of the chords :/

Tip: the pvc pipe comes in different widths so make sure you pay attention to the measurements of each connector piece.  For example, our screw piece connects to the plumber valve in 3/4" and the other end of the screw piece is 1/2" so we had to get 1/2" elbows to go into those.  Confused yet??  DON'T BE!  Just keep your receipts:)  

We used a metallic gray toned Rustoleum spray paint to keep with the industrial look.  The whole project cost about $60.



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