April 3, 2014

seven months

Madeleine you are getting bigger every day!!  You have officially grown out of size 3-6 months and are wearing size 2 diapers like a champ!  Part of the reason you are growing so much is how much you like to eat.  This month we introduced you to so many new tastes; squash, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, pears, peaches, green beans, carrots, and peas.  Your favorites are apples and sweet potatoes (sometimes we can't get the spoon in your mouth fast enough) while peas and green beans are a struggle, but it took you awhile to get a taste for some of the others so we aren't writing them off yet.  We also gave you puffs, yogurt melts, and teething wafers.  You love to play with them but rarely swallow anything, so we are finding them all over the house!! We have discovered that you love drinking water out of your sippy cups (and our cups) and you really like to eat ice.  You can crunch ice especially good with your two new teeth that you got this month.  It's hard to see them because you always stick out your tongue but you have the cutest two baby bottom teeth.

You can officially sit up by yourself with no pillow buffers.  Yay!!!!!  You sit in the cart at the grocery store now instead of in my wrap and you join us at the table in restaurant high chairs as well.  No crawling yet but you are SO close that we have baby gates and plug stoppers ready to go:)  Honestly, you would rather stand than crawl it seems.  You try to pull up on everything and love standing like a big girl when we hold your hands.  You have discovered that jumping is so much fun!  Patrick let's you play in his jumper and you LOVE it, and jumping at church gets you through mass sometimes:)

This month you are working on talking.  You said "mama" for the first time and you love to make sounds like, "gaga," and "baba."  You also love to grunt and squeal so loud!!

You are playing so good and independently now!  Your favorite toys are the little pig, spoons, and toothbrushes.  Sometimes when we are on the go you love my purse strap the best:)  You were helping me with laundry one day and we discovered how much you love watching the dryer and all the buttons lighting up.  You have started to peer which is really cute because you lean over so much to try to follow something that has your attention.  

All that playing makes you very sleepy.  This month you have enjoyed cuddling and snoozing on our shoulders (which we love so much!) and we know you are tired because you rub your little eyes:)

This month has been great!  You have been so happy and we have had tons of fun toting you around wherever we go.  I can't capture everything with my camera but I have been taking lots of "brain pictures" in hopes that I never forget this time with you.  Happy 7 months Madeleine!!

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