March 27, 2014

hanging in the bedroom

We have had my old college bedroom curtains in our master bedroom for almost two years now.  I feel like having them up as a substitute only prolonged our buying curtains we really liked but oh well!

Our quilt is very colorful and our nightstands are blue and we have green shutters hanging on either side of our bed.  Basically we have a lot going on and I couldn't ever decide which direction to go for curtains.  I've always been drawn to these from pottery barn but just couldn't bring myself to pay for them.  That's when I discovered this secret aisle in Hobby Lobby.  It's near the fabric but too close to the yarn aisle that it is too often is ignored.  Hobby Lobby sells pre-made curtains and pillow covers in a pretty good assortment of neutral colors and a few patterns.  I know I seem more excited than is necessary but they happen to have curtains in the right size and in that beautiful blue color I love from pottery barn.  The material is cool too, almost like burlap but softer. Oh and the best part is the price, only $30 per panel as opposed to...$119 per panel.

We bought the same wooden curtain rods from Lowe's as we did in our living, breakfast nook, and M's nursery but we changed it up on the finials.  We love the wooden rods because we can cut them to any size and they don't bow in the middle.

What do you think?  I love how it brings the blue out of our quilt and night stands and I love how it frames the windows!  So exciting to get a great look at a low price.  Do I sound like a Hobby Lobby commercial yet?

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